FAQ / Help

When you dial either our local access number or toll free number listed in your account, our system recognizes the registered phone number, and then allows you to make calls. You can register up to six (6) different phone numbers. These phone numbers must show caller ID.

When making calls from these registered numbers, dial your local access number, hear your remaining balance and then dial your destination number; no PIN is needed. You can add, change or delete registered telephone numbers by logging in your account.
Speed dial allows you dial your international numbers by pressing only one or two digits. Follow the instructions on how to set up your Speed Dial Codes by logging into your account. Add change delete at your convenience.
It is almost instantaneous once your order has been verified.
Choose from several plans, Look up the rate for your destination countries and see if suits your needs. If you don’t see a destination on the list, call customer service and we may have a plan that’s right for you.
Yes, our $10 cards expire in six months while $25,$50 and $100 pinless cards have an expiration date of three years. Call customer service if your card has expired.
We do not have any additional fees on our pin less cards.
By confirming your order is our way of ensuring consumer protection against credit card fraud. Our highly-trained customer service representatives inspect and verify all new orders to guarantee your online security. All fraudulent orders are reported to the appropriate authorities.
www.globetel.com is staffed with customer and tech support 8AM-10PM Pacific Standard Time, 7 days a week. Please call us at 1-888-749-2425.
We buy a large volume of minutes from the international telecom companies and pass the savings to our customers.
Login your account, find the local access number for your area, if you can’t find one in your area, you may have to use our toll free number. Dial either the local access or toll free number, listen for your remaining balance then dial your international calls.

For all international calls, you must dial 011, country code and the number. For USA, Canada and Caribbean dial 1+area code and the telephone number. We don’t allow calls within the state. We have blocked calls to few high fraud destinations, contact customer service if you have any questions.
Yes, but calls with your state are not allowed. For example if you are calling from California, you can call all other states except within California. You can call anywhere in the world, however rates will vary depending on the destination being called. In many cases, different rates will be applied even within the same country. If you are staying at a hotel, your hotel may charge you for local calls so it would be advisable to check with the hotel staff regarding these charges.
Yes, for most countries cellular rates are much higher than the land line rate. For some destination countries such as Hong Kong, same charges apply to landline and cell phone numbers.
Yes. We process your transaction using industry standard SSL encryption. This ensures that your credit card information is kept confidential and your order remains secure.
We will refund the unused portion of the card if you are not satisfied.
The expiration dates on our phone cards will vary. Please check the detail page of the specific phone card you purchased for more information.
Enter your user name and email address in the section forgot my password. Your password will be emailed to you within a few minutes.
Yes. You can make calls from your cell phone. DONOT press the TALK or SEND button on your phone after dialing the destination number. Pressing this button may send your call through your cellular provider instead of bypassing it. Regular airtime charges will apply as per your contract with your cellular provider.
Yes, you can all countries but rates will vary depending upon the called destination country. We do block calls to certain destinations due to fraud etc.
This is an option which you can select or deselect any time. It allows to automatically recharging your pin when it falls below an amount you specified. This amount can be changed by you anytime; we will charge your credit card when your pin is recharged.